EXOTHERM XL low temperature traffic film remover


Exotherm Xl is a traffic film remover TFR formulated for use in very low ambient tempratures and for use through cold water pressure washers, brush washes and other low or high pressure cleaning equipment.

Exotherm XL features with double the amount of our Nano Chelate for a superior cold water performance, and it quickly removes stubborn traffic film dirt and grime.

It is a firm favorite with truck and vehicle fleet operators who want a traffic film remover that wont damage paintwork, and  its advanced formulation leaves trucks with a gleaming shine and streak free.
Exotherm Xl is an high active and high performance traffic film remover  Ideal for use through your high pressure washer on cold mode, and also be used in a bucket and brush situation or is ideal for use in rollover brush washers and touchless clenaing operations. Exotherm Xl is a trade strength  vehicle traffic film remover designed for use for cleaning of traffic film and contamination from vehicle body work.
Exotherm Xl is a super concentrated product that dilutes extremely well, either through your pressure washer using the detergent valve to meter how much is mixed, or you can dilute using the guidelines below. It is best to use Exotherm Xl with a chemical restrictor in line to ensure the right dilution rate is achived, this ensures you use the correct amount of product whilst getting a great clean.
Exotherm Xl saves you money, gives an unbeatable clean, is kind on the environment. power Active Xl is Salt, NTA & EDTA free and when you take advantage of our 360 service it also eliminates plastic waste too.
  • Suitable for all Vehicles
  • Great for Valeting and touchless cleaning
  • Excellent choice for main dealer wash bays
  • Powerful Concentrated Formula
  • Fast Action on Dirt
  • Removes Insects Quickly
  • LSP Safe at minimum dilution (1:10)
  • NTA Free
  • Specifically formulated to give excellent results with cold Water Pressure Washers
  • Approx 15% active and an Approx Ph of 13.5 in dilute format.
Dilute at 1-5% depending on soiling if using through a pressure washer with a graduated chemical valve. For colder environments and lower ambient tempratures increase the dilution as nescessary.
PIR – Panel Impact ratio – aim for around 3-4% if using through a foaming system, adjusting for how dirty the surface is and time of year.
At least 1:10 (minimum for LSP Protection) for deep cleaning through a pump sprayer.

1:30 up to 1:50 for normal maintenance cleaning, this is very dependant on the level and type of soiling, Ambient temprature etc, and if there is any protection applied on the bodywork.

Weight 25 kg


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