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Rim Cleaner by West Country


West Country’s Rim Cleaner is the perfect wheel cleaner for automotive vehicles. It easily removes brake and rubber dust, grease and oil. its acid free formulation provides a gentle but deep clean on both steel and aluminium rims.

Apply West Country Rim Cleaner to the vehicle wheels before cleaning to allow maximum dwell time. Rinse off using a high pressure cleaner.

West Country Rim Cleaner is biodegradeable. Rim Cleaner is very economical in use due to its high concentration.

  • Quick and reliable remover of brakle and rubber dust
  • When used through a foaming trigger bottle it produces a thick foam that clings for longer.
  • Acid free formulation means no damage to concrete floors
  • Free of NTA, EDTA and Phosphates
  • Free of Hydrocarbons and mineral oils


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