360 service - West Country Chemcials traffic film remover refill

360 Service - Keeping plastic waste to a minimum.

As well as only using the greenest, safest and most environmental sustainable ingredients available we are dedicated to keeping plastic waste to an absolute minimum. This means we will do whatever we can to reduce the amount of plastic we use, such as only purchasing ingredients in bulk from sustainable sources

Our Service 360 scheme helps your company cut down on plastic waste, and actually makes the supply chain easier at the same time. We always fit a chemical restrictor to make sure you only use the right amount of chemical, saving you money. Our service 360 works by:

  • Supplying only concentrated product to end users
  • Reducing plastic waste by reusing and refilling barrels
  • Manual lifting is eliminated as we top up you barrels onsite
Get in touch with West Country Chemicals to see how we can save you money, reduce product consumption and give an unbeatable clean, call us now on 01935 411876.
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