We design and manufacture our range of SMARTWASH pressure washers at our Yeovil, Somerset Engineering Workshop.

Our products have a well earned reputation for exceptional product durability and reliability


Smart Wash Static Pressure Washers - Clean Smarter, Not Harder.

Our Smartwash range of Static cabinet washbay systems are the choice of professional users who require heavy duty, reliable equipment they can depend on. All our equipment is engineered and built at our workshop in Somerset from the best quality components the industry has to offer and are perfectly suited to commercial and industrial use.
We supply a lot of Smart Wash jet wash equipment to haulage companies and farms, and we know from experience just how filthy trucks and farm plant equipment can get in daily use.  The issue of keeping vehicles, farm plant and vehicles clean becomes progressively more difficult with increased time spent working and less time for cleaning, after all cleaning is downtime.
Our Smart Wash pressure washers are perfect for use in heavy duty environments that require a heavy duty cleaning solution, that is both reliable and cost efficient.
logo Made In Britain Our range of Smart Wash jet wash static pressure washer can be fully customised to suit each individual cleaning task. Weather you need a heavy duty cold water machine with a foaming lance and high pressure, high flow fresh water rinse to clean quickly, or perhaps a fully integrated hot water machine for steam cleaning chassis and curtain sided trucks and pre mot chassis washing we have got it covered.
With a Smart Wash static pressure washer everything is contained inside a sturdy custom fabricated lockable housing with a choice of either powder coated or stainless-steel chassis, with only the necessary controls available to the user. As we can custom build these machines it gives us, and you, huge scope to combat interference by over enthusiastic users, such as tampering with valves, detergents etc. The machine remains user friendly and will keep operators happy as it will do exactly what it’s supposed to do every time – work!

Why we need to clean.

On the road in wet conditions the void between your vehicle and that vehicle in front is a mass of water, mud, grit, oil and tyre rubber. In winter salt spreaders ensure your vehicle is liberally coated with that ugly dark veneer that looks unsightly and causes materials to degrade if not cleaned off quickly. As a result, responsible vehicle maintenance owners are under pressure to improve vehicle cleaning routines, especially in the image-conscious world that we live in today.  Your vehicle liveries are designed to perform a positive promotion role and could have the opposite effect if dirty.
It also needs to be remembered that cleaning time is downtime. An hour spent washing a large truck, using a brush and a hose or that cheap poorly performing pressure washer that was thrown in as part of a chemical deal is just as disorderly to an operating schedule as an hour carrying out running repairs.
Vehicle washing without purpose designed equipment and not correctly installed is very labour intensive for today’s transport operators, when the wheels need to be turning. Even the owner of a small fleet of vans can easily justify the investment in some form of static cleaning equipment.

There is light at the end of the tunnel. You want your equipment to look clean and give onlookers the right impression. We dedicate all of our time to professionally designing and engineering cleaning systems that work,  and provide a superior back up service – this means you have the right jet wash cleaning solution to suit your business.

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Stop wasting detergent! 

To keep detergent costs under control, we can fit the detergent system to your static pressure washer to work on a pre-set timer along with hidden chemical restrictors. To prevent machines being left on accidentally, a total stop system that works on a timer prevents damage and works once the trigger is released this invokes the timer for a pre-set period switch point the complete machine will shut down and go into a ‘no volts’ state and will not restart until the machine is physically cycled off and then on again.



  • Stainless Steel Cabinet
  • 10 Meter high Pressure hose
  • Heavy Duty Gun and Lance
  • Frost Heater
  • Fully internally Lagged
  • 2nd High Pressure Safety Relief valve (3 phase models)
  • 24v low voltage control for operator safety
  • Choice of Auto Stop Start or Timed Shutdown
  • Heavy Duty Interpump
  • Wall Mounting Bracket (Cold Units)
  • Flame monitoring system (hot machines)
  • 12 month Warranty


  • Low or high pressure detergent system
  • Chemical Foaming System
  • Floor Stand (space for detergent drum underneath)
  • Automatic or Manual hose reel
  • Vehicle Brush Lance & Hose
  • External Bulk Detergent
  • Steam Stage (Hot Units)
  • Token/Coin Operation with timed cycles
  • Remote Control
  • Water Softener System
  • Stainless Steel Wash Boom
  • Hose reel Boom
  • Hose reel swivel Plate
  • Hour Useage Meter
  • Remote Isolation via SMS Text Message