The West Country SMARTWASH Fusion foam system is a complete series of premium products specifically formulated for use with high pressure wash systems to deliver superior results.

The West Country Fusion vehicle washing system comprisies of 3 steps: 1: Fusion Pre-wash, 2: Fusion Foam and 3: Fusion Gloss Finish.


Fusion Pre-Wash is the first step in the System fusion process. The chemical used here has a higher pH than the next stage. Fusion Pre Wash easily loosens any bugs and heavy soiling contaminants and begins to clean the surface of the vehicle. On really dirty vehicles Fusion Pre Wash can be used all over, Or as a targeted treatment on not so dirty areas such as the dried on mud splash from wheels.  Fusion PreWash prepares the vehicle for the next step of the process that continues to lower the pH of the vehicle’s surface.


Fusion Foam is a non caustic and low pH thick voluminous foam that provides superior cleaning performance without damaging paintwork. It is specifically blended to provide excellent coverage and economy in use. Fusion Foam easily penetrates road traffic film to clean deep first time round, The superb thick Fusion foam clings to vertical surfaces for longer making cleaning operations quick and simple whilst reducing the need to cover surfaces twice, saving time, chemical wasteage and money. The lower pH neutalises the previous Fusion Pre Wash application and readies the vehicle for rinsing and the final Fusion Wax Rinse.


Fusion Wax Rinse is the final step that helps dissipate any remaining foam and water on the vehicle. This step clears out the vehicles crevices and removes any left behind soap and help prevent unsightly spotting caused by hard water. This specially developed water sequestering agent makes water literally sheet off the vehicle to aid with drying. The high performance wax element provides a barrier to help make cleaning easier and quicker the next time round.

In summary the Fusion vehicle cleaning system from West Country provides a very high standard of vehicle cleanliness that is available to all pressure washer users without the need for special equipment or techniques. It is designed for the fast and efficient cleaning of both private vehicles and fleet operators and cuts down on chemical useage and wasteage, saving time and money.

Simpilfy your vehicle cleaning now with the Fusion system from West Country. Call Lee or Daniel on 01935 411876 for more details