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How to Choose the Best Traffic Film Remover for Your Vehicle?


In commercial vehicle cleaning the fast and efficient removal of dirt, traffic film and grime from commercial vehicles requires a combination of high quality and high active ingredients.
Picture the scene – a HGV returns back to the yard after spending a week pounding the uk’s motorways in all weathers. The truck will need washing, along with the rest of the fleet, and time is money. When the right equipment that does the job properly is provided the professional HGV driver will take pride in his vehicle, and this is where our products can assist. Using the right kit for the job ensures the driver can clean the vehicle to a high standard with minimum fuss, protecting your investment and ensuring your customers and public see a nice clean vehicle advertising your brand.

In the UK our busiest period for our commercial vehicle cleaning traffic film removers is from September through to May and the cleaning operation is often performed at lower ambient air temperatures and couple this with the fact many of our commercial customers are now using high flow cold water pressure washers to reduce emissions from diesel fired heat exchanges found in hot water equipment – plus add in to the mix much shorter cleaning times and lack of mechanical action from using either manual or automatic brushes, it comes of no suprise we find some operators using substandard equipment that gives a substandard clean.

To compensate for all this, high levels of chelates in our traffic film remover (The ingredient that de-bonds dirt from the surface) and other surfactant ingredients are often needed to reach an efficient cleaning result and it is for this reason that all of our products, including of course our most popular commercial vehicle traffic film remover, Power Active XL, all contain high levels of these high quality ingredients in amounts that provide a very cost effective and a great clean, every time. We choose our raw ingredients very carefully based on what their green credentials are too, all this makes our TFR products a superb choice for commercial vehicle cleaning.

We invest a lot of time and effort in product development of our traffic film remover, using real world cleaning scenarios to ensure our traffic film removers are fit for purpose, dont have a negative impact on the environment and are cost effective. We are blessed with the fact we that we have a lot of customers from a huge variety of industries, this enables us to tap into what the real world problems are, and manufacture our products to suit.

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